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Biography & Press Releases.

You can download a copy of the “An Introduction” EP Press Release in various formats here:


Download is enabled for all tracks on Soundcloud. Alternatively, you can download the full “An Introduction” E.P. in WAV or MP3 format here:

Photos & imagery.

All images available to download in hi-resolution files for print or web resolution for online purposes.


hi-res print version (.jpg 1.6MB) | web version (.jpg 170KB)

hi-res print version (.jpg 1.6MB) | web version (.jpg 170KB)

Live shots.

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Logos & graphics.

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If you have any issues with these files or require an alternative format, please get in touch at

Contact Details.

For press, promo, bookings or just a general chat, you can get in touch with me through:

I’m also on Instagram, Youtube and most of the usual places but I prefer contacts through the above channels and I’ll definitely reply faster.